Brent Smith

Brent Smith is a creative with many skills, however we particularly like his illustrations.


Anne Jordan

Anne Jordan creates beautiful book cover designs exploring type and materials.

Kurppa Hosk

Stockholm based design studio Kurppa Hosk have just launched their new site, which includes a portfolio of their very nice branding and other work.

Casey Baugh

Dark and beautiful work by New York based Casey Baugh.


Ben Lowy

Powerful documentary photography by Ben Lowy.

Mark Whalen

Australian artist Mark Whalen – aka Kill Pixie – creates strange worlds full of colourful patterns and characters.


Fourplay Exhibition

Fourplay, an exhibition series set up by the Design Kids, is heading to Sydney. It kicks off next Tuesday (25th November) at M2 Gallery. Check the link for details.

Cleon Peterson

Big fans of the work of artist Cleon Peterson.


Neven Cvijanovic

Stylish design work from Berlin based Neven Cvijanovic.

Jose Parla Mural

If you happen to be in or near New York, head down to One World Trade Centre to check out the massive new mural that José Parlá has recently completed.

Kyle Stewart

Beautiful work from Canadian artist Kyle Stewart.


Fistful Of Books

Grab yourself a photography zine from Scottish independent publisher Fistful Of Books.

Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek, a Polish artist based in Germany, produces his work with old-school wood-cuts.


David Alan Harvey Workshop

Magnum Photography legend David Alan Harvey has a workshop coming up in Rio de Janeiro in early 2015. If you’re a keen documentary photographer this would be a great class to take.

Joel Daniel Phillips

San Francisco based artist Joel Daniel Phillips creates awesome large scale charcoal drawings.


Adriaan Mellegers

Beautiful graphic design work by Amsterdam based designer Adriaan Mellegers.

Joel Rea

Australian artist Joel Rea produces hyper-real work that will blow your mind.


Mary Iverson

Loving those abstracted landscapes by Mary Iverson.


David M Cook

Brooklyn based artist David M Cook, aka Bonethrower, produces great illustrations and artworks.



Another Sydney based design studio producing excellent work, Toben.

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