Brooklyn Whelan

Revisiting the work of Sydney artist Brooklyn Whelan.


Mike Lee

New York based artist Mike Lee.


Palani Mohan

Amazing work by Indian born, Australian raised, and now based in Hong Kong, photographer Palani Mohan.


Comp is a cool Kickstarter campaign to fund a new composition notebook. Go help it get funded.

Benoit Paille

Canadian photographer Benoit Paille has an impressive portfolio.

Jenny Morgan

We’re big fans of Jenny Morgan’s paintings and are loving her latest work.


Stephen Dupont

One of Australia’s best documentary photographers, Stephen Dupont, has a show opening in Sydney at Stills Gallery on 9 November.

Jose Mendez

Loving the illustrations of London based Jose Mendez.


Toby Dixon

Beautiful work from Sydney based photographer Toby Dixon.

Mark Conlan

Melbourne based illustrator Mark Conlan.


Sally Deng

We’re enjoying the work of LA based artist Sally Deng.


Tina Siuda

Lovely illustrations by Polish creative Tina Siuda.


Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Amazing pencil drawings by US artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor.


Bola Ogunjobi

CG coolness from London based Bola Ogunjobi.


Hannah Faith Yata

Hannah Faith Yata is a US artist who produces surreal paintings. She has a show on at Corey Helford Gallery at the moment.


Jacqueline Mak

Nice collage work by Canadian artist Jacqueline Mak. Note some are NSFW.


Herwig Scherabon

Taking info-graphics to a whole new level. Talented Austrian designer Herwig Scherabon.

Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai is a talented illustrator based in New York.


Paul White

Design is Kinky favourite, Paul White, has a new show opening up at Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne on 22 October. Don’t miss it.

Steve Kim

Beautiful subtle use of pencil by US based artist Steve Kim.


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