Nicholas La

Nice work by San Francisco based photographer Nicholas La.

James Bullough

Berlin based, American artists James Bullough creates stunning fractured figurative paintings.


Studio Takeuma

Brilliant, playful and cheeky illustrations by Japanese illustrator, Studio Takeuma.


Karolis Strautniekas

Beautiful and whimsical work for various publications and clients by Latvian illustrator Karolis Strautniekas.


Studio Mut

Studio Mut designs powerful and clever brands, websites, publications. The Studio is based in South Tyrol, Italy.

Tassia Bianchini

Beautiful paintings by Tassia Bianchini, an artist born in São Paolo and now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


MK12 Film

The always awesome team at MK12 have a Kickstarter fund going for a new short-film they are putting together called MAN OF ACTION! II: ASHES OF VENGEANCE. It’s bound to be awesome so go grab yourself a reward.

Chris Trueman

San Francisco based artist Chris Trueman produces beautiful abstract paintings.


Ashley Mackenzie

Ashley Mackenzie is an artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada.


Stephen Voss

Beautiful work by Washington, DC based photographer Stephen Voss.

Victoria Siemer

Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria is a graphic designer from Brooklyn.

Seb Lester Print

The always amazing Seb Lester has just released a new print called ‘Jerusalem, A Tribute to William Blake’. He has released a video showcasing the beautiful typographic work and printing as well. Grab one before they sell out.

Evan James Atwood

LA based photographer and filmmaker Evan James Atwood.

Adán Sánchez

Adán Sánchez shows us how legitimate the iPhone has become in the world of photography.

Marco Sartori

Italian photographer Marco Sartori works across a range of photographic styles.

Bear Guerra

Robert Bear Guerra is a talented documentary photographer from Ecuador.

Silvia Grav

Silvia Grav is a photographic artist based in Los Angeles.

Thomas Cian

We’ve been enjoying the work of Italian artist, Thomas Cian.


Angus McDonald

Australian artist Angus McDonald creates unique and powerful work.


Tae Lee

Tae Lee is an artist based in Los Angeles.


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