Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is an artist working out of Los Angeles.


Jospeh Grant Ellis

Joseph Grant Ellis is a US photographer based in Washington, DC.

Kentaro Yoshida

Artist Kentaro Yoshida was born and raised in Japan, moved to Australia and is currently based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Sebastian Wahl

Getting psychedelic with Swedish born, New York based, artist Sebastian Wahl.


Cory Staudacher

Cory Staudacher is a Los Angeles based photographer who has worked for many big clients.

Paula Bronstein

Amazing documentary photography by Paula Bronstein.

Mario Martinez

Check out the new work of Mario Martinez (Aka Mars-1), a favourite of Design is Kinky for many years.


Craig Gibson

Scottish photographer Craig Gibson has a unique eye.

Rune Fisker

Loving the work of Copenhagen based illustrator Rune Fisker.



Can’t find out much about him, but Coldesign produces some very cool concept art.


Gustavo Minas

Beautiful, thoughtful work by Brazilian photographer, Gustavo Minas.

Rune Christensen

Rune Christensen is an artist based out of Denmark.


Q. Sakamaki

Q. Sakamaki is a Japanese photographer based in New York.

Hattie Stewart

Hattie Stewart is an illustrator based in London.


Alina Negoita

Romanian born, London based Alina Negoita is a multi-talented creative working in photography, film-making and creative direction.

Sha'an d'Anthes

Take a look at the creative wonderland that is artist, designer and illustrator Shaman d’AntheaDawn is the first in a series of three artworks within the Timelapse series exhibited in her Prickly solo exhibition.


Mouni Feddag

Nottingham illustrator and artist Mouni Feddag.


Capucine Granier-Deferre

Documentary work from French photographer Capucine Granier-Deferre.

Alex G

Alex G is an artist based out of Los Angeles.


Nic Bezzina

Sydney based multi-talented photographer Nic Bezzina.

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