Thomas Williams

Australian designer, well known for creating Made Publishers, Thomas Williams has just launched his new site. Some great work in the portfolio.

Jordan Manley

Vancouver based photographer Jordan Manley has an impressive portfolio of work for a variety of clients.

Charles Bierk

Hyper-real portraits from Toronto based artist Charles Bierk.


Yasmine Weiss

Yasmine Weiss is an artist based in Belgium who creates slightly warped and disturbing portraits.


Rebecca Mock

New York based illustrator Rebecca Mock.

Hagan Brothers

Australian art duo, the Hagan Brothers, create crazy pop art explosions.


Jason Kowalski

California based painter, Jason Kowalski.


Simon Stålenhag

Stockholm artist Simon Stålenhag creates sci-fi worlds full of robots and strange machinery amongst rural Swedish countryside. He has a Kickstarter project for a couple books of his work.


Alina Tsvor

Chicago based photographer Alina Tsvor.

Sean Morris Exhibition

Lamington Drive in Melbourne have a new exhibition coming up soon with talented artist Sean Morris. The show is called Cosmic Dread and kicks off on 13 May. Check the site for more details.


Italian painter Sicioldr creates classic style work with a surreal twist.


Brian Mashburn

US artist Brian Mashburn creates apocalyptic looking industrial landscapes with the odd rooster thrown in.


Chris Stevens

London based artist Chris Stevens creates figurative paintings that mess with perspective.


Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles based illustrator who produces work for a variety of clients.


Italian artist Vesod produces a mix of both street and canvas art work.


Dallas Rayburn

Southern California based artist Dallas Rayburn.


Made Quarterly Four

The crew at Made Publishers have released Made Quarterly Four. Grab your copy before they sell out.

Zachary Domes

Californian photographer Zachary Domes.

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Zach Meyer

New York based illustrator Zach Meyer.

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