Davide Cambria

Nice work from Italian artist Davide Cambria.


T.S Abe

T.S Abe creates beautiful intricate portraits.


Travis Jensen

Travis Jensen is a talented San Francisco based photographer.

Making Art Series

Making Art is a very cool series of short clips about artists brought to you by Brass brothers films.

John Casey

Oakland based artist John Casey.


Niki Fisher

Niki Fisher is an illustrator based in Melbourne.

Magdalena Switek

Magdalena Switek is a photographer based in Krakow, Poland.

Syd Bee

Seattle based artist Syd Bee.


Josie Morway

Beautiful intricate work by Boston based artist Josie Morway.


Andy Lee

Andy Lee is a UK based photographer and creative director.

Grant Haffner

Enjoy the abstract landscapes of Long Island, USA based artist Grant Haffner.


Bardo Industries

Brooklyn based Bardo Industries is the graphic design studio of Laura Giraudo.

Jacob Dhein

San Francisco based artist Jacob Dhein.


Michael Boswell

Nice design portfolio from Brooklyn based Michael Boswell.

James Frost

James Frost is a UK born photographer, now based in Australia, producing some really nice work.

Eddie Bong

Eddie Bong is a designer and artist living in Los Angeles.

Peter Höhsl

Incredible detail in the work of Cape Town South Africa based Peter Höhsl.


Matthieu Venot

Matthieu Venot is a photographer based in Brest, France.

Benjamin Garcia

Venezuelan artist Benjamin Garcia creates beautiful fractured figurative and portrait paintings.


Tom French

Loving the movement and painterly approach of UK artist Tom French.


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