Monica Garwood

San Francisco based illustrator Monica Garwood.


Justin Hopkins

Nice work by New York artist Justin Hopkins.


Katy Ann Gilmore

Katy Ann Gilmore is an artist based in Los Angeles who creates amazingly intricate artwork.


Marini Ferlazzo

Marini Ferlazzo is a business based in Melbourne that works alongside not-for-profit organisations to support wildlife conservation around the world.


Carson Ellis

Welcome to the illustrated world of Carson Ellis. We first came about Carson with the children’s book Home and instantly fell in love with her gorgeous and imaginative illustrations.


Denis Cherim

London based photographer Denis Cherim has a very unique eye for a photo.

Benjamin Hardman

Catapult yourself into the breathtaking landscapes of Reyjavík based photographer Benjamin Hardman and his exquisite images of Iceland; it’s people, vistas and eerily placed lone characters in vast landscapes.

Diego Fernandez

Diego Fernandez is an illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His haunting portrayals of women often embody a metamorphosis with the natural formations of plants.


Shelley Reed

Wow! Stunning black-and-white paintings by US artist Shelley Reed.


Maggie Chiang

Beautiful work by Los Angeles based illustrator Maggie Chiang.


Eleni Sakelaris

Bold graphic prints from Athens based artist Eleni Sakelaris.


Alba Giertz

Alba Giertz is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm.

Kat Parker

We have been following Kat Parker’s travels across the globe through her photo memoirs. Her natural photographic style makes use of light and space that breathes life and perfect composition into every image she creates.

Paul Blackmore

Beautiful work by Sydney based photographer Paul Blackmore.

Lou Ros

We’ve been revisiting the work of French artist Lou Ros recently. You should too.


Andrew Newton

The works from quite a few years ago now, but we’re loving the in-your-face realism of British artist Andrew Newton’s Hyper-Realism series.


Erin Anderson

Beautiful new work by Erin Anderson an artist based out of Pennsylvania, USA.


Alexandra Levasseur

Beautiful work by Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur.


May 1st reboot

Design is Kinky was proud to support the awesome May 1st Reboot, which, as the date suggests, happened over the last few days. It saw over 3,000 launched and re-launched websites join the project. very cool. Check the site for a Showcase of the rebooted projects and don’t miss it next year!

Daniel Coves

Spanish artist Daniel Coves has a real knack for painting the back of peoples heads.


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