Corey Arnold Exhibition

Photographer Corey Arnold has a new show, Aleutian Dreams, opening in two places soon. In Santa Monica, CA at Richard Heller Gallery (April 1 – May 6) and Portland, OR at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art (April 5 – May 27).

tDR™ A-Z / 10 to 1*

Ever wanted to own a piece of The Designers republic work, plus support a great cause in the process? Then check out the tDR A-Z 10—1* auction.

Guillermo Rodriguez

Check out the work of talented Spanish photographer Guillermo Rodriguez.


Colourful craziness from French artist Skwak.


Nei Valente

Interesting work by New York based Brazilian designer and photographer Nei Valente.

Andrew Fairclough Exhibition

Andrew Fairclough has a new show opening at China Heights in Sydney on 31 March.


Italian illustrator Nico189.

May 1 Reboot

The 2017 edition of the May 1 Reboot has kicked off. Head on over and sign up and start designing up your new site.

A'Design Award & Competition

The A’ Design Awards & Competition winner will be announced in just over a month. As a supporter of the awards we’re very excited to see some winning entries.

Laura Berson

Beautiful work by French photographer Laura Berson.

Syd Bee

We’re happy to be revisiting the work of Seattle based artist Syd Bee.


Martina Merlini

Striking and graphic work by Italian artist Martina Merlini.


Jordan Debney

Psychedelic craziness from New Zealand based artist Jordan Debney.


Weronika Izdebska

Weronika Izdebska is photographer & filmmaker based out of Łódź, Poland


Love this behind-the-scenes look into a beautiful light installation called Cluster, created by the team at Barcelona based Playmodes.

Jenna Andersen

US artist Jenna Andersen.


Wolter Peeters

Sydney based photo journalist Wolter Peeters.


We’re enjoying, and being a bit disturbed by, a revisit to UK artist Boneface.


Mark Broyer

We’re loving the work of German photographer Mark Broyer. In particular his ‘What the fog’ series.

Claudia Corrent

Lovely work by Italian photographer Claudia Corrent.

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